CD Instrumental

Update: September 2015

12 Girls Band – Eastern Energy
12 Girls Band – Mei Li Yin Yue Huei (Live) (2CD)
12 Girls Band – Romantic Energy
12 Girls Band – Shanghai
2Cellos – 2Cellos (2011)
2Cellos – In2ition (2013)
Absolute Melody  (Chinese Classics)
Acoustic Alchemy – Aart
Acoustic Alchemy – Against the Grain
Acoustic Alchemy – American-English
Acoustic Alchemy – Arcanum
Acoustic Alchemy – Back On The Case
Acoustic Alchemy – Early Alchemy
Acoustic Alchemy – Live In London (2014) (2CD)
Acoustic Alchemy – Natural Elements
Acoustic Alchemy – Positive Thinking
Acoustic Alchemy – Radio Contact
Acoustic Alchemy – Reference Point
Acoustic Alchemy – Roseland
Acoustic Alchemy – Sounds Of St Lucia
Acoustic Alchemy – The Beautiful Game
Acoustic Alchemy – The New Edge
Acoustic Alchemy – The Very Best of Acoustic Alchemy
Acoustic Alchemy – This Way
Acoustic Moods
Anjey Satori – Relax with Forest
Anthony Ventura And His Orchestra – Musiс For Making Love
Anthony Ventura And His Orchestra – The Silent Sound of Simon & Garfunkel
Antonio Forcione – Ghetto Paradise
Armik – Alegra (2013)
Armik – Reflections
Ashtar Ron Allen – Mystic Sky (Relaxing Flute)
Aspen Riders – Guitar Plays The Eagles
Audiophile Eternal Love Songs (2007)
Audiophile Latin Guitar
Audiophile Piano Love Songs (Chinese Instrumental)
Baby CD – Lovely Baby (Music For Your Baby) (Raimond Lap) (5CD)
Baby CD – Music To Settle & Relax Your Baby (Raimond Lap)
Back To Nature
Band Interactive – Saxophone Immersion Canto-Pop (2012)
Bandari – 20th Anniversary Collection
Beegie Adair – A Time For Love (2013)
Beegie Adair – Dancing In The Dark
Beegie Adair – I Love Being Here With You
Beegie Adair – Quiet Romance
Beegie Adair – Save The Last Dance For Me (2012)
Beegie Adair – Sentimental Journey
Beegie Adair – Swingin With Sinatra
Beegie Adair – Yesterday
Beegie Adair & Friends – Cocktail Party Jazz
Best Audiophile – Saxaphone
Best Collection of Nature Sound Music
Best of The Sounds of Nature Vol. 3 – Poetry of The Sea
Bindu – The Rhythm of Love
Birds Sing The Heaven (Chinese Instrumental)
Blue Seas Grand Orchestra – Poetry of The Sea
Bond – Born
Bond – Classified
Bond – Play
Bond – Remixed
Bond – Shines
Cao Fu Jia – Moonlight Flower
Cello Fury – Symphony of Shadows
Chang Dong Yun – At The 33th Street Corner (Acoustic Guitar)
Chang Dong Yun – Hear The Taste of The Blue Mountains (Acoustic Guitar)
Chang Jing – Apricot Blossoms Against A Sky (2014)
Chang Yi – Sentimental String (2CD)
Charlie Byrd – Classical Byrd
Charlie Byrd – Latin Byrd
Charlie Byrd – The Guitar Artistry
Charlie Byrd & Laurindo Almeida – Brazilian Soul
Charming Saxophone – The Heart is Too Soft (1999)
Chen Ching – HI-FI Shuang Huang Guan
Chen Jie – Chinese Piano Favorites
Chen Lin – Charming Saxophone – In Fact I Don’t Want To Go
Chen Rong Hui – String Poetic (2014)
Chen Xiao Ping – All Night Don’t Sleep 1 (Instrumental Guitar)
Chen Xiao Ping – All Night Don’t Sleep 2
Chen Xiao Ping – All Night Don’t Sleep 3
Chen Xiao Ping – All Night Don’t Sleep 4
Chinese Classics – High Mountain and Flowing Water
Chinese Classics – One Hundred Years of Sound
Chinese Classics – One Hundred Years of Sound 2
Chinese Classics – The Mountain of Sky
Chinese Classics – Yellow River The Story
Chinese Instrumental – A Best Collection Of Chinese Classical Music
Chinese Instrumental – A Bite of China Original Soundtrack
Chinese Instrumental – Audition Guitar
Chinese Instrumental – Audition Guzheng
Chinese Instrumental – Black Poison – Buddha’s Palm
Chinese Instrumental – High Wind Mysterious Girl
Chinese Instrumental – Leave Feeling
Chinese Instrumental – Leisurcly And Comfortable Music
Chinese Instrumental – Love Me Tender – Oldies Album
Chinese Instrumental – New Dragon Ballad
Chinese Instrumental – The Poems With Flowers
Chinese Instrumental – Top Drum
Chinese Instrumental – Xin Dong
Chinese Instrumental – Zheng Heart (Instrumental Zheng)
Chinese VA – Pure. Memory 2 (2008) (Chinese Instrumental)
Chris Spheeris – Dancing With The Muse
Christmas Classics On Piano
Chun Lei – Hua Er Xiang
Chun Yin Le – Ma Tou Qin Sheng
Clarinet – What A Wonderful World
Classic Heartstrings (romantic instrumental)
Clerion – Ai He You
Clerion – Qi Miao De Zao Chen
Clerion – Yong Sheng
Creol – Latin Guitar
Dan Giblson – Appalachian Mountain Suite
Dan Gibson – Beethoven – Forever by the Sea
Dan Gibson – Natural Sleep Inducement)
Dan Gibson – Solitudes – Angels Of The Sea
Dan Gibson – Solitudes – Forest Guitar
Dan Gibson – Solitudes – Spirit of Africa
Dan Gibson’s Solitudes – Cabana
Danny Wright – Healer of Heart (2003) (2CD)
David Arkenstone – Spirit of The Rain Forest
David Osborne – Imagine (2015)
Depapepe – Acoustic & Dining
Depapepe – Ciao! Bravo!!
Depapepe – Depafuyu
Depapepe – Depapepe Plays The Classics
Depapepe – DepapepePlays The Classics Vol.2
Depapepe – Drive! Drive! Drive!
Depapepe – Hi! Mode!!
Depapepe – Hop! Skip! Jump!
Depapepe – Let’s Go
Depapepe – One
Deuter – Atmospheres
Deuter – Spiritual Healing
Dream Piano
Drum Feast In China
Duan Yin Ying – Zhang Guo Rong Gu Zheng Ban
Emotional Saxophone – My Heart Will Go On (2CD)
EQ Music – The Very Best of Latin Guitar Moods Volume 1 (2CD)
Erhu Music
Fa Shao San Jue Shang 2 – Ju Hua Tai (Chinese Instrumental)
Fa Shao San Jue Shang 3 – Er Xing Qian Li (Chinese Instrumental)
Fang Jin Long, Cao Yu Rong & Wei Wei Deng – Lovely String
Fiction – Lifescapes Records – Guitar For Stress Relief
FIM – What A Wonderful World
Fiona Joy Hawkins – Music for Massage (2004)
Fiona Joy Hawkins – Sensual Journeys (2012)
Francis Goya – A Tribute
Francis Goya – Moscow Nights
Francis Goya – MTV Music History (2CD)
Francis Goya – Plays His Favourite Hits 2CD
Francis Goya – This is Francis Goya
Francis Goya & Carmina – Festival Latino
Francis Goya & Peter Weekers – Together
Francisco Garcia – The Lady Is A Tramp
Fridrik Karlsson – Magical Relaxation
Fu Na – Bai Du Shao
Fu Na – Gu Zheng Appreciation (2CD)
Fu Na – Plum Blossom
Fu Na & Gao Zhi Jian – Face To Face III (Guzheng VS Violoncello) (2009)
Fu Na & Xiao Chun – Guzheng Love Sax
Fu Na & Yang Xian – Golden Miracle (Guzheng VS Saxophone Duologue) (2014)
G.E.N.E. – Flowers & Soul (Reflection Music)
Gandalf – Dreamweaver (2013)
Gong Lin Nuo – Kong Que Fei Lai (Flying Peacock)
Good Virtuous Man Ting Fang (2007)
Govi – Guitar Odyssey (Instrumental Guitar)
Govi – Guitarra Mistica
Govi – Mosaico
Govi – Passion & Grace
Govi – Saffron & Silk
Govi – Seventh Heaven
Govi – Sky High
Govi – Your Lingering Touch
Guitar Finger Style – A Narada Collection
Gundam Unplugged – Acoustic de Gundam A.C. (2009)
Ha Hui – Crying Ospreys
Ha Hui – Hymn
Harp Romance Music
He Qi Wen – Chrysantheums Terrace
He Ying – Hua Xiang
Hennie Bekker – Spectrum (An Anthology of Relaxing Instrumental Music)
Hiromi Haneda – BEST +3 – ZARD Piano Classics Re-Recording
Hiromi Sano – Saxophone Audiophile Selection (1996)
Hu Lu Si Instrumental (Chinese Instrumental)
Huang Jiang Qin – A Silent Rain
Huang Jiang Qin – Captivated by southeast of asia
Huang Jiang Qin – Charm Flowers Passes
Huang Jiang Qin – Dong Feng Po
Huang Jiang Qin – Get Back The Past
Huang Jiang Qin – Golden String
Huang Jiang Qin – Tales of Erhu
Huang Jiang Qin – The Ditty of The South of Jiang Su
Huang Jiang Qin – The First Chemical Element 8
Huang Jiang Qin – The First Element II
Huang Jiang Qin – The Past Stay The Same
Huang Jiang Qin – Ting Hu (Urheen Music)
Huang Jiang Qin – Who Can Share My Feelings
Huang Jiang Qin – Yan Hu
Huang Jiang Qin & Funa – Face To Face 2
Huang Li Ling – Shi Lian Wu Zui
Huang Li Ling – Yi Qian Yi Hou
Huang Qi Quang – Ye Lan Ren Jing Zhi Er (2011)
Instrumental – Take Care of Yourself
I-Relax For Lovers
Jack Jezzro & Friends – Rio Nights
James Asher and Sivamani – Drums on Fire
James Last – Country Roads
James Last – Hammond and Trumpet
James Last – Happy Birthday
James Last – La Paloma
James Last & Richard Clayderman – The Very Best (2CD)
Japanese Traditional Music – Percussion
Jesse Cook – Free Fall
Jesse Cook – Frontiers
Jesse Cook – Gravity
Jesse Cook – Monreal
Jesse Cook – Nomad
Jesse Cook – Tempest
Jesse Cook – The Blue Guitar Sessions (2012)
Jesse Cook – The Rumba Foundation
Jesse Cook – The Ultimate (2CD)
Jesse Cook – Vertigo
Jia Peng Fang – Faraway
Jia Peng Fang – Glitter (2014)
Jia Peng Fang – Memories
Jia Peng Fang – Roman
Jim Brickman – Ballads
Jim Brickman – Beautiful World
Jim Brickman – Destiny
Jim Brickman – Escape
Jim Brickman – Grace
Jim Brickman – Greatest Hits
Jim Brickman – Home
Jim Brickman – Homecoming
Jim Brickman – Hope
Jim Brickman – Love
Jim Brickman – Love Songs & Lullabies
Jim Brickman – My Romance – An Evening With Jim Brickman
Jim Brickman – No Words
Jim Brickman – Peace
Jim Brickman – Picture This
Jim Brickman – Pure Piano
Jim Brickman – Simple Things
Jim Brickman – The Disney Songbook
Jim Brickman – The Gift
Jim Brickman – Valentine
Jim Brickman – Visions of Love
John Williams – El Diablo Suelto (Guitar of Venezuela)
John Williams – Spanish Guitar Music
John Williams – The Guitarist – John Williams & Friends (3CD)
John Williams – The Ultimate Guitar Collection (2CD)
July – In Love
K. Williams – The Touching Sound – The Golden Piano
Kamal – Quiet Earth
Ken Navarro – Ruby Lane
Ken Navarro – The Test Of Time (2012)
Kenny G – At Last.. The Duets Album
Kenny G – Best Works
Kenny G – Brazilian Nights
Kenny G – Breathless
Kenny G – Classics in The Key of G
Kenny G – Forever in Love
Kenny G – Greatest Hits
Kenny G – Heart and Soul
Kenny G – I’m in the Mood for Love….
Kenny G – Live
Kenny G – Love Ballads
Kenny G – Rhythm and Romance
Kenny G – Songbird The Ultimate Collection
Kenny G – The Essential Kenny G (2CD)
Kenny G – The Greatest Holiday Classics
Kenny G – The Moment
Kenny G & Rahul Sharma – Namaste
Kenny Wen – Er Hu Legend
Kenny Wen – ErHu Meets Taiwanese Songs
Kevin Kern – Beyond The Sundial
Kevin Kern – Embracing The Wind
Kevin Kern – In My Life
Kevin Kern – In The Enchanted Garden
Kevin Kern – More Than Words
Kevin Kern – Summer Daydreams
Kevin Kern – The Winding Path
Kevin Laliberte – Viva
Kitaro – An Ancient Journey (2CD)
Kitaro – Asian Cafe
Kitaro – Best of Kitaro ’85
Kitaro – Dream
Kitaro – Final Call (2013)
Kitaro – From the Full Moon Story
Kitaro – Heaven & Earth
Kitaro – Impressions of The West Lake
Kitaro – India
Kitaro – Kojiki
Kitaro – Live in America
Kitaro – Live in Asia
Kitaro – Mandala
Kitaro – Millennia
Kitaro – Oasis
Kitaro – Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Vol.3
Kitaro – Symphonic Suite Queen Millennia
Kitaro – Ten Years (1976-1986) (2CD)
Kitaro – Tenku
Kitaro – The Light of the Spirit
Kitaro – Thinking of You
Ladislav Vratil – Melancholic Sax (1995)
Laura Sullivan – Feast of Joy & Love
Leisurely and Carefree – Woman’s Tea
Leo Eide – Whistling Virtuoso (1996)
Lex Vandyke – This Is It & Other Great Michael Jackson Songs
Li Lin An – The Eternal Sorrow of Lin’an (Classics Instrumental)
Li Xiang Ting – The Way of The Guqin
Li Xiao Chun – Drunk Sound Vanish (2014)
Li Xiao Chun – Soft Old Friendship (2012)
Li Xiao Chun – Wen Bie (2012)
Lin Hai & Friends – Pipa Images
Lin Xi – A Song With Unspoken Words
Linda Genteel – World’s Greatest love Songs (Piano)
Liu Li Na – Guzheng & Saxophone
Llewellyn & Juliana – Crystal Child
Luo Jing – Jiang Jun Ling (Chinese Instrumental)
Luo Jing – Moon Rising (Zheng Intrumental)
Ma Tou Qin’s Legend 1 (Chinese Instrumental)
Maksim – Greatest Maksim
Maksim – The Movies
Maksim – The Piano Player
Maksim – Variations Part 1 & 2
Marc Enfroy – Dreams of the Forest (Relaxation Music)
Masters of Chinese Traditional Music – Erhu
Medwyn Goodall – Alcazar, Flame of Passion (1996)
Medwyn Goodall – Amun Ra
Medwyn Goodall – Eye of the Wolf (2004)
Medwyn Goodall – Medicine Woman (1992)
Medwyn Goodall – Medicine Woman 2 – The Gift (1998)
Medwyn Goodall – Medicine Woman 3 – The Rising (2003)
Medwyn Goodall – Medicine Woman 4 – Prophecy (2009)
Medwyn Goodall – Moon Goddess 2 (2012)
Medwyn Goodall – Music for the Goddess – SHE (2013)
Medwyn Goodall – Origins (2008)
Melodies of The Heart
Meng Xiao Xu – Rong Hua (Chinese Instrumental)
Meng Yang – Hu Xi (2012)
Miao Xiao Zheng – Bai Du Shao – Pipa (2013)
Nebojsa Cankovic – Guitar Easy Listening
Newman & Oltman Guitar Duo – Passions (Sheffield)
Nie Jun – Beloved Piano – Endless Love
Paul Mauriat – Blooming Hits
Paul Mauriat – Bossa Nova Wave
Paul Mauriat – El Bimbo
Paul Mauriat – Grand Collection 2004
Paul Mauriat – Le Grand Orchestre de Paul Mauriat
Paul Mauriat – Love is Blue
Paul Mauriat – Mamy Blue
Paul Mauriat – Romantic
Paul Mauriat – Super Best 21
Paul Mauriat – The Russian album
Paul Mauriat – Tout pour la musique end Roma dalla Finestra (2013)
Percy Faith And His Orchestra – Shangri-La
Pet Music Series – Doggie Trio
Qiu Ji – Fen Hong Lian (Guzheng Instrumental)
Quan Jing Jing – Purple Piano (Teresa Teng Memorial Album)
Reflections of Nature – Songs of Glory
Regina Carter – Paganini: After A Dream
Ren Fei – Mo Li Fen Fang (Jasmine Fragrance)
Rhythmize Heartstrings   (percussion instruments)
Richard Clayderman – 25 Years of Golden Hits (2CD)
Richard Clayderman – A Little Night Music
Richard Clayderman – A Thousand Winds
Richard Clayderman – Ballade Pour Adeline
Richard Clayderman – Christmas
Richard Clayderman – Give A Little Time To Your Love
Richard Clayderman – New
Richard Clayderman – Plays The Music of Abba
Richard Clayderman – Romantique
Richard Clayderman – Song of The Wind
Richard Clayderman & Delphine Artists – Play Asian Golden Hits – Love Follows

Us 2
Richard Clayderman & James Last – Together at Last
Richard Clayderman & James Last – True Love
Robert Bonfiglio – Bonfiglio Plays Love Songs of Sam Hui
Robert Bonfiglio – Harmonica Sound of Hong Kong (2008)
Robert Bonfiglio – Master of The Harmonica 1
Robert Bonfiglio – Master of The Harmonica 2
Romance in Venice – Italian Love Songs
Romantic Keyboard Music
Romantic Piano – All of Me
Sam Levine – Cinema Sax
Sam Levine – Hi-Fi Sax
Sam Levine – Sax for the Spirit
Sam Levine – Smooth Sax Romance
Sam Levine – Sweet Affirmation
Saxophone World Music (1999)
Secret Garden – Dawn of A New Century
Secret Garden – Dreamcatcher
Secret Garden – Earthsongs
Secret Garden – Fairytales
Secret Garden – Inside I’m Singing
Secret Garden – Once In A Red Moon
Secret Garden – Songs From A Secret Garden
Secret Garden – White Stones
Secret Garden – Winter Poem
Sensational Zheng
Series of Music For Relax – Emotions In Rain
Shen Qing & Xiang Yong – Warm Embrace
Sheng Zhong Hua – Dialogue Between Piano & Violin – The Butterfly Lovers

(Chinese Instrumental)
Silke Aichhorn – The Sound Of Harp – Music From Heaven (Classic)
Sincerity of Zheng
Song Ting Ting – Zhi Yin
Stephen Rhodes – Relax 2 Your Essential Spa Music (2013)
Sun Di – Golden Hits of Saxophone
Sungha Jung – Irony
Sungha Jung – Paint It Acoustic
Sungha Jung – Perfect Blue
Sungha Jung – The Duets
Suzanne Ciani – Meditations for Dreams Relaxation & Sleep
Suzanne Ciani – The Private Music of Suzanne Ciani
Suzanne Ciani – The Very Best of Suzanne Ciani
Tang Jun Qiao – Deep Autumn Ballad (Chinese Bamboo Flute Album)
Tang Jun Qiao – Magical Flute of China
Terry Oldfield – Yoga Harmony
The Beauty of The Bag Pipes (3CD) (Scottland Instrument)
The Best of Pacific Moon
The Call Of Nature – Rain Forest
The Guitar Collection
The Hi-Fi Reference of Chinese Classics Music
The Hi-Fi Sound of Saxophone – Teresa Teng Forever
The Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra – The Moscow Sessions Vol. 1
The Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra – The Moscow Sessions Vol. 2
The Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra – The Moscow Sessions Vol. 3
The Most Lyrical Piano Music 1
The Most Lyrical Piano Music 2
The Most Romantic Violin Famous Music (2CD)
The Music Equal Phonometer (2CD)
The Piano Brothers – The Piano (2CD)
The Piano Guys – The Piano Guys 2 (2013)
The Piano Guys – Wonders
The Poem of The Drums (Chinese Classics)
The Romantic Violin
The Tube Hi-Fi Flute
The Unforgettable Chinese Melodies
The Very Best of Japanese Music
Thierry David – Zen World
Tian Xian Di Dong (Chinese Classic)
Ting Yue (Chinese Instrumental)
Top Music – Romantic Saxophone
Tour of Ears Guitar Music
Triangle – Musique
VA – A Narada Collection – Hidden Beauty (1996)
VA – Best of Audiophile Sax 2
VA – Lover’s Romance Vol. 1
VA – Lover’s Romance Vol. 2
VA – Lover’s Romance Vol. 3
VA – Relaxing Piano
VA – Romantic Guitar
VA – Sax Lounge – Favorite Instrumental Melody
VA – Spanish Nights
VA – The Best of Piano
VA – The Hi-Fi Sound of Latin Guitar 5
VA – The Tube Hi-Fi Guitar
VA – The Very Best of Latin Guitar Moods Volume 3 (2CD)
VA – TIS – Black Magic Ultimate Edition
Vanessa Mae – Choreography
Vanessa Mae – Storm
Vanessa Mae – Subject To Change
Vanessa Mae – The Classical Collection (3CD)
Vanessa Mae – The Violin Player
Wang Jun – Stainless Vol 3 (2012)
Wang Jun Xiong – Chinese Whisper
Wang Wei – Cinematic Piano
Wang Wei – Love Songs On The Piano
Wang Wei – The Hall Of Jazz – Blue Bossa
Wang Wei – The Rosy Piano Hit
Wang Xun – Romantic Guzheng
Winty Wan – Kou Ren Xin Xian ( Violin)
Wong Wai Ming – Romance On Violin
Wu Lin – Elegant Sound From China
Wu Na – Chinese Gu Qin of Sky (Chinese Instrumental)
Wu Na – Each Leaf Has a Life (Instrumental Budhist)
Wu Na – One Flower Is A World (Instrumental Budhist)
X Japan – Guitar Solo Collection
X Japan – On Piano
Xiao Chao – Ye Yan Lian Hu (The Banquet Love Erhu)
Xiao Ping – God of Guitar
Xiaohong Zhang & Hua Wang – Universal Love – Guzheng and flute
Xie Dong Xiao & Ka Luo Er – The First Chemical Element 3 (2006)
Yan Si Zhi & Li Meng Yi – King Beautiful – Works for Violin and Guitar (2008)
Yang Liang – Dream Piano
Yanni – Dare To Dream
Yanni – Ethnicity
Yanni – If I Could Tell You
Yanni – Inspirato (2014)
Yanni – Live at El Morro, Puerto Rico
Yanni – Live At The Acropolis
Yanni – Live The Concert Event
Yanni – Love Songs
Yanni – Mexicanisimo
Yanni – Nightbird
Yanni – Port of Mystery
Yanni – Reflections of Passion
Yanni – The Inspiring Journey (2CD)
Yanni – Tribute
Yanni – Truth of Touch (2CD)
Yanni – Voces
Yasunori Kawahara – Fantasy on Double-Bass
Ye Lai Xiang Impress (Chinese Classics)
Yim Hok Man – Master of Chinese Percussion
Yim Hok Man – Master of Chinese Percussion 2
Yiruma – Atmosfera
Yiruma – The Best Reminiscent 10th Anniversary (2011)
Yiruma – The Very Best Of Yiruma – Yiruma & Piano (3CD)
Yohi – Thanks With Erhu Cello
Yoon Jong Shin – Just Piano Live
Yoshio Kimura – Audiophile Selections
Yoshio Kimura – Denon Best Collection 1 – Hi-Fi Acoustic Guitar
Yoshio Kimura – Denon Best Collection 2 – Hi-Fi Acoustic Guitar
Yoshio Kimura – Guitar Yan Ge Ming Qu Quan Ji 2
Yoshio Kimura – Romantic Tunes Collection (2CD)
Yu Hong Mei – Erhu Chant
Yu Ping – The Golden Stings (Cello)
Yu Ping – Violin Cello Rhapsody
Yuhki Kuramoto – Romance Collection (10th Anniversary) (Piano Instrumental)
Yuichi Watanabe – Piano Bellissimo
Yuichi Watanabe – Piano by the Sea
Yuichi Watanabe – Piano Cafe
Yuichi Watanabe – Piano Hommage
Yuichi Watanabe – Piano My Heart
Zen Relaxation Series 2 (5CD)
Zhang Bin – Tian Huan Xuan Yin (Mysterious Note) (Classics)
Zhang Jia Ming – City Of Love
Zhang Ping Fu – Chinese Instrumental Hokkian Cha Cha 21
Zhang Ping Fu – Obsessed with Memorable Melodies 2
Zhang Ping Fu – Obsessed with Memorable Melodies 3
Zhang Ping Fu – Obsessed with Memorable Melodies 5
Zhang Ping Fu – Unforgettable Evergreens
Zhang Wei Liang – Taste Zen in Tea
Zhang Wei Liang – Tian Huan Xiao Yin
Zhang Xiao Yin – 47 Xian Di Ji Yi (Harp Dreams)
Zhang Yi – Dong Fang Xian Yun (Chinese Instrumental)
Zhang Yi – Fall in Love Awhile Hear (Instrumental Violin)
Zhang Yi – Fall in Love Awhile Hear 2
Zhang Ying – Dancing in The Wind (Pipa Instumental)
Zhang Yong Zhi Trio – Stroll With The Moon
Zhao Cong – New Talks of Pipa
Zhao Cong & Qin Wanmin – Carmen (Pipa & Guitar)
Zheng Bing – The Story of River in Torrents (Chinese Classics)
Zhong Guo Xiang Ji – Ayumi Hamasaki Songs meet Princess China Music Orchestra
Zhou Yu & Ensemble – Master of the Chinese Erhu
Zhou Zhi Hong – Si Si Ru Kou (Thought of Unceasingly)
Zhu Feng – Shen Di Tian Lu (Flute Instrumental)
Zhu Hua – Wings of Dreams
Zhu Xing Ru VS Ma Li Hua – Zheng Yan (2007) (Instrumental)


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